Meet The Founder

Steve Pickering

Steve S Pickering

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer over 16 years
  • Founder and Owner of Body Makeover, Fitness for Women
  • Held NASM Personal Trainer Certification and ACE Weight Loss Certification
  • Personal Trained and Helped Transform Hundreds of Women

While attending college, I started personal training at an athletic club and immediately developed a true passion for fitness and health. After receiving my degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern Indiana, I opened and operated a personal training business out of a small fitness and tennis club. My business flourished and I was doing 40-50 sessions a week. After three years of having my business, I yearned for more knowledge and experience. To gain this knowledge and work with some of the best trainers in the country, I took a position as a personal trainer and weight loss coach in Memphis, TN, and then in Kansas City, KS. After expanding my knowledge base and working with some amazing trainers and clients, I was ready for a new chapter in fitness.

My ultimate goal was to open my own fitness facility, and this is exactly what I did on my birthday in 2003. I founded Body Makeover, a fitness and weight loss facility for women. I have personally trained hundreds of clients and have a passion for helping people learn what and how to eat for lifelong weight loss, better health, and more energy.

The Skinny Jane Weight Loss Challenges include the details and materials of the weight loss plan that has been carefully developed over 16 years of helping women lose weight and keep it off. My team and I designed the Skinny Jane Challenges to take you beyond simply losing weight and getting skinny…we teach you what foods to eat and when, and help you stay motivated so you can lead a healthier, thinner, and happier life.

My mission is simple, yet extremely important; I want to help you lose weight and be the best you can be! As long as you simply follow my plan, I personally guarantee that you will lose weight, be healthy and feel more comfortable in your clothes. Now, don't put this off...take action and order your Skinny Jane Weight Loss Challenge today!

Choose Your Challenge!

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