Meal PlansOur clients learn how to lose weight fast, don't count calories, and love the healthy foods in our Weight Loss Challenges. Great weight loss success happens with SkinnyJane!

Meet just a few of our members who have been very successful with SkinnyJane. These women have lost weight, gained energy and made some amazing transformations. No diet pills or crazy weight loss plans for these women...all they did was purchase SkinnyJane and followed the easy instructions. We hope their weight loss testimonials inspire and show you that you can also be successful with SkinnyJane. We believe that once you have your SkinnyJane Weight Loss Challenge in hand, you will put an end to always looking for the next miracle weight loss pill and weight loss plan.

Becky Brann- Lost 11 lbs. her very first week!

"Over the years my weight has yo-yo'd up and down depending on the latest 'diet' that was out there. When introduced to SkinnyJane, I was somewhat skeptical knowing that in the past I had tried eating plans that restricted the foods I could eat resulting being hungry, grumpy and binging...I always thought when the eating plan time frame passes, things would go back to the way they always were. I decided to try SkinnyJane and committed to sticking to it. Plus, I love and needed a good Challenge! I am so thankful I did! The support and encouragement I received from the SkinnyTeam was phenomenal. The foods were all foods that I already had on hand. To my surprise, I lost 11 pounds the very first week, and I was not at all hungry! I continued with the SkinnyJane plan and exceeded my weight loss goal. My life style has changed, and I have avoided going back to my old eating habits. I now make healthier food choices and no longer crave foods with empty calories. I highly recommend SkinnyJane!" - Becky Brann

Karen Roques. – Lost over 15 lbs. and gained great energy!

"I found the eating plan very easy to follow and the food was plentiful. I never had to think what was next because the SkinnyMap laid it out for me, plain and simple. With the SkinnyMap, eating decisions are much easier and it makes my life a lot less stressful. This also makes cooking my meals more enjoyable and it is great watching the pounds melt off." - Karen Roques

Misty Williams – lost 65 lbs., 58 inches, lowered her BMI by 10.5 and significantly dropped her bodyfat with SkinnyJane!

"When I started the SkinnyJane 8 Week Challenge, I wanted to lose 23 lbs. That was my big goal! Up until purchasing SkinnyJane, I had tried countless diets, diet pills, weight loss plans, and even had considered weight loss surgery. The first 5 days were challenging, but the fast results motivated me and it was so worth it! It's really a good plan...I never feel deprived or like I'm on a diet because it's structured, but not limiting. My biggest tip is to just have the mindset and trust in the plan! Follow the SkinnyMap, drink water before every meal, and rely on your support team. I also decided to make exercise a priority. It has become my favorite form of stress relief, and I no longer resort to food! Food is no longer my comfort, and I'm not hiding and binging anymore! Just thinking about my former eating habits makes me sick! I love SkinnyJane not only because of all the compliments I get, but because I feel healthier and happier. And I am no longer on depression and anxiety medications, and my self esteem has gone from negative to wonderful! I still want to lose 30 more pounds and with SkinnyJane, I know I will!" - Misty Williams

Samantha Hedges lost 47 lbs. using SkinnyJane!

"SkinnyJane helped me get a grip on my eating and helped me get my figure back. I had tried many 'diets' in the past and never really had much success with them. The SkinnyJane 8 Week Challenge is different than all the other is a very simple weight loss program and is easy to follow...and it works! The first week, Power Plan Cleanse, helped me lose weight fast. I am the type that needs to see fast weight loss results, or I tend to get discouraged. Since I lost weight fast in just one week, I was totally motivated to move forward with week 2. Each week I kept losing weight, feeling better and noticing that my clothes were getting too was awesome! I highly recommend SkinnyJane8 for anyone that has struggled with losing weight and staying motivated. Just order your SkinnyJane Challenge and follow the simple instructions. It is very simple to follow, and you will be so excited with the fast results (weight loss and energy). My only regret is that I didn't find and get on SkinnyJane Challenge sooner! - Samantha Hedges

Jane L. lost weight and feels great!

"I used this weight loss challenge and would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to lose weight and needs a great jump start. This weight loss plan offers everything I liked in an eating plan; good food, easy to use, you are never hungry, and most of all IT WORKS!!! I am 62 years old and even though I exercise, I had some added pounds that I just couldn't lose. Within days of starting the Skinny Jane Challenge, I started to lose weight and feel better. The meals were easy to incorporate in our family meals, and the grocery list that is provided made it a 'No-Brainer'. I would recommend the SkinnyJane Weight Loss Challenge to anyone that wants to lose weight and feel great!" - Jane L.

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