5 Road Blocks to Losing Weight

29th Oct 2013

1. Overeating Healthy Foods. While some foods are healthy for you, they still contain calories. Especially foods like dark chocolate, nuts, avocado, and pastas. The best way to avoid this issue is to find out the serving sizes for what you're eating and follow what is suggested. 

2. Skipping Breakfast. When you skip breakfast, your body actually goes into starvation mode and holds onto your fat. This slows down your metabolism and makes it harder for you to lose weight. A breakfast with protein and fiber is your best way to start the day. Our Skinny Blend includes both, which will keep you from being hungry and gives you the right amount of energy to start your day. 

3. Not Enough Sleep. If you don't get proper sleep, your body may depend on other ways to get energy, like eating. This can cause you to over eat. Get your rest, so you can control these appetite-stimulating hormones and have enough energy to get in a work out as well.

4. Too many Low Fat Foods. Foods with lower fat or lower calorie counts, will usually have extra sodium, sugar, or other chemical additives added to them to make up for the lost taste. Besides being less healthy, these foods are also "lighter", meaning you won't be as full and that may lead to overeating. 

5. You Eat Mindlessly or When Distracted. When you are distracted by the tv or when your in the middle of something, you don't always think about what you're eating. It's important to set aside some time for your meal. Pay attention to portion size and sit down to eat. Eat from a dish, not from a bag, carton, or fistful. This gives you control over what you're eating and you're less likely to overeat.