Best Weight Loss Tips

28th Oct 2013

Let's just get straight down to it. What's the secret to losing weight and keeping it off? The obvious answer is hardwork and dedication. However, if you break down your weight loss journey into smaller goals, it's not so overwhelming and you're more likely to reach those smaller goals and then reach your ultimate goal. Here are some tips to help you on your journey.

1. Eat breakfast. You're more likely to eat fewer calories the rest of the day if you do so.

2. Incorporate protein in your diet. Our Skinny Blend smoothies have 12 grams of protein and they will help you feel more full throughout the duration of the day. 

3. Eat slower and savor each bite. You'll realize you're full faster and not eat as much.

4. If you have a weakness, such as ice cream, don't even bring it into your house where you will over eat. If you have to have it, only eat it at restaurants or a friends house.

5. Get enough sleep. When you are rested, you will make better, healthier decisions.

6. Make lunch at home and bring it to work. It will be more nutritious than going out to eat, and it will cost you less.

7. Only eat while you're seated at the table. You're not as likely to keep snacking if you're not up moving around or watching t.v.

8. Don't eat out of a box, carton, or bag. This will help you stay aware of your portion sizes and not over eat.

9. Drink a big glass of water at the start of every meal. This will help you feel full faster.

10. Keep a food journal. You'll be holding yourself accountable and you'll see where you can improve yourself.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!