5 Easy Weight-Loss Tricks!

Posted by on 30th May 2014

Our society is constantly on the go, which makes it easy to use time as an excuse for not exercising or not eating as healthy as we should. As a result of this, women are always looking for easy weight loss methods and weightloss motivation to help them shed extra pounds without having to put a lot of time into it. Many women get online and search for "weight loss plans online" and "fat burning foods," however, most never find any fast tips that they can implement right away to help them shed some pounds. Here are 5 simple weight loss tips to help you lose weight for guaranteed weight loss:

1. Eat a bigger breakfast than dinner.  Research has shown that having your biggest meal of the day at breakfast and smallest meal at dinner increases weightloss and also helps lower risk factors for heart disease. A 1,400 calorie diet spread out with a 700 calorie breakfast, 500 calorie lunch and 200 calorie dinner compared to the calorie distribution with the biggest meal at dinner doubled the weight loss in a group of women. The 700 calorie breakfast should include carbs to decrease cravings later in the day as well as protein from a great source, such as a Skinny Blend Shake

2. Use smaller dinnerware to help you eat less. This is a simple way to lose weight. Multiple studies have shown that when we use larger plates and bowls we are more likely to overeat. One study used a bottomless bowl and continued to add more soup to the bowl without the subject knowing. The subjects with the bottomless bowl ate significantly more than those with regular bowls without even knowing because they were just trying to finish the bowl. Using smaller dinnerware will prevent you from putting more than you need to eat on your plate and overeating.

3. Stop mindless munching. Oftentimes we like to snack while we are reading a book, watching TV and working which tends to lead to overeating because we aren't paying attention to how much we are consuming. A simple way to combat mindless eating is to pour a portion of whatever snack you are eating into a small bowl and only eating one serving, that way you don't have the temptation of eating the whole bag next to you! Also, be present minded and really focus on what you are eating and enjoy each bite. We at advise our clients to never eat on the run, such as while they are driving or heading out the door. 

4. Brush your teeth immediately after dinner. Traditionally, brushing your teeth is a signal to stop eating and peppermint has been reported to suppress appetite. If you brush your teeth right after dinner, you are less likely to snack throughout the rest of the night, which is good to avoid since we don't usually burn the calories we consume late at night and they are then stored as fat. We love this effective weight loss tip because it works!

5. Pick up the pace! Do you move like a slug all day long? Most people move slowly throughout the day, whether it is walking to their car after work or getting ready in the morning. By simply speeding up the pace throughout the day, you can boost your metabolism and burn easy calories. When you move faster, you feel better, it picks up your energy overall and improves your attitude. Move faster every time you walk, and you will be surprised how this picks you up and helps you. 

Making simple changes in our lifestyle can have a large impact on our overall health and can be easier than we think! If you have been searching for a "diet plan for women weight loss", check out our weight loss challenges at Keep working towards a healthier lifestyle by staying motivated and making the small steps and finding weight loss methods that work for you! Thanks for reading our Skinny Jane Weight Loss Blog