Benefits of a Weight Loss Challenge

19th Feb 2014

Weight loss challenges can be very beneficial in your workplace, home, or gym that you belong to. You can add a little more fun or excitement to your daily routine by competing in a fun challenge with your friends or family. Here are some specific benefits that should encourage you even more to begin a contest. 

1. Motivation. A weight loss challenge will have an incentive to be the winner, whether it be a cash prize or a free gift. Everyone will compete a little harder to win that prize. With this motivation, you are bound to lose weight or inches within the contest time frame. 

2. Accountability. It's hard to have a competition with just yourself. If their are several people doing it, you will never forget to weigh in or skip a workout. Everyone is competing to win, so you have each other to hold one another accountable each week.

3. Fast results. Since you are competing, you will see faster results than if you are not in a weight loss challenge. You have a certain time frame to lose a certain amount of weight, so you try harder. 

4. Confidence and self control. A contest is a great way to boost confidence and get on the right track. We know we can do something hard for a short time. So whether you win or not, take notes on your success of taking control in that time frame and keep applying it to your life. 

Here, at Body Makeover, we just completed a Valentine's Day Challenge. We kept it simple with giving points for attendance and weight loss. The women who participated in this challenge came in more than women who did not participate. We also noticed better results, including weight loss, in the women that participated compared to the ones that didn't. It's been about a week since the challenge has ended, and the women who participated are still coming in more regularly and still keeping on track.

So, if you want to challenge yourself, get a contest or a challenge started with your family or friends. You will be amazed at how great the results can be if you stick with it. Hopefully, you will continue to to carry on these habits after the contest or challenge has ended, as well.

Thanks for reading our Skinny Blog. Have a great day!