Helpful Hints on Eating Right when Travelling

Posted by on 3rd Jun 2014

As summer is upon us, so are family vacations, family reunions, and all sorts of travel opportunities. So how are you supposed to keep your weightloss motivation up while you are out relaxing on the beach?  Luckily, there are plenty of ways to lose weight while you are travelling; let's call it your vacation weight loss diet plan. So here are some of the best weight loss tips for while you are travelling:

  1. Control your portion size. This can be the biggest challenge when you are eating out while travelling. Either request a smaller portion size (lunch entree at dinner) or ask that your server packages half of your meal to-go before they bring it out that way you won't be tempted to eat it all. Another option is to have an appetizer for dinner or to split a dinner entree with your partner, and of course avoid buffets.
  2. Eat a snack an hour before you go out to eat. This will help control your appetite so you aren't as hungry when you sit down for dinner. Starting your dinner with a soup or salad is also a great way to control your appetite going into your entree. Our Skinny Blend Shakes are another great way to prevent yourself from being hungry throughout the day.
  3. Avoid white foods such as white flour products, white potatoes and white rice. Substitute whole grain bread for white bread and request that bread is not brought to your table (if offered) when you sit down to dinner. Replace pasta, rice and potato sides with vegetables and avoid pasta entrees all together. 
  4. Beware of your fats. Ask for your food to be cooked in olive oil or canola oil and request that butter, sauces and dressings be served on the side so you can control how much you use. Also try to avoid fatty red meats, deep-fried foods and anything that includes the words creamed or crispy.
  5. Be cautious of liquid calories. Drinking beverages that are sweetened can start adding up quickly when it comes to calories and they don't even help suppress your appetite, so try not to drink many "empty calories". Also try to limit alcoholic beverages to one a day, preferably something a bit healthier such as red wine.
  6. Eat as many low calorie fruits and vegetables as possible. These have great nutritional value such as fiber and really fill you up without being high in calories. Consider eating a salad for your entrees and ask for extra veggies as your sides with your meal. 

These are all simple ways to maintain your healthy eating and weight loss during your summer vacations, so don't slack off while you travel! If you want to continue to have guaranteed weight loss while you are relaxing on your time off, take these simple steps towards reaching your weight loss goal! If you are still struggling to meet your weight loss goal after you return from your travels or want to slim down before you even leave, try one of our Skinny Jane Weight Loss Challenges for quick, easy, and guaranteed weight loss.

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