​How Fiber Helps Fight Fat and Makes You Lose Weight

14th Aug 2014

Have you ever wondered why it is always recommended to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables when you are trying to achieve your fast weight loss goals? It’s because of the fiber content of these plant-based foods. And the general rule is; the more dietary fiber you consume, the better. This is in contrast with other food groups like meat which require you to eat in moderation. You certainly have heard about fiber and its benefits for your health. But what is it anyway?

Fiber simply means the roughage or indigestible part of plants. When all the juices of fruits and vegetable are drained, fiber is the remaining residue or can be considered as the pulp. There are two types of fiber, soluble and insoluble. The soluble type can be dissolved in water while the insoluble does not. But both of these fiber types are essential for weight management and can be helpful for rapid weight loss. They help fight fat and lose weight in four ways; by helping you feel full, letting you eat less, lowering your cholesterol and sugar levels, and cleaning your digestive track.

Dietary fiber helps you feel full

When you eat fruits and vegetables as your weight loss foods, you will immediately feel full. This is because fiber is naturally absorbent. And once it absorbs water and other liquids inside your stomach, it expands. Until it is passed down to your intestines, such fiber bulk will remain in your stomach keeping you feel full. Our Skinny Jane protein shakes help you to feel longer too!

Dietary fiber lets you eat less

Obviously when you feel full after eating a full serving of fruits and vegetables, there’s lesser tendency for you to eat the main course. But aside from the physical feeling of fullness, medical experts have discovered that eating plant foods particularly those rich in fiber stimulates the senses as well which triggers you to eat longer, slower, and eventually reduces that appetite. Now that’s an easy weight loss alternative. Another way to help you eat less is to drink a Skinny Blend weight loss shake about an hour before your meal.

Fiber helps lower your cholesterol and sugar levels

The major role of fiber in weight management is the regulation of cholesterol and sugar levels. Body fats are produced from excess or unused cholesterol and sugar. Excess cholesterol is deposited into the intestine as bile acid. And fat creation usually starts on the intestines or colons. Soluble fiber prevents this from happening by the binding with the bile acid and sugar that is deposited to the intestines. And since fiber is not digestible, it is just excreted out of the body. This is the reason why weight loss foods rich in fiber are best in achieving a rapid weight loss.

Fiber helps clean your digestive track

Aside from carrying away fat and sugar out of your body, dietary fiber aids in fast weight loss by cleaning your digestive track particularly your intestines or colon. As mentioned above, fat buildup starts on the intestines. And the longer waste materials and fatty acids sit on your intestines, the higher changes of these acids to be transformed into fat. Insoluble dietary fiber acts as the cleanser or sweeper from your stomach down to your colons.

So if you want an easy weight loss regimen, you should now start consuming more plant-based foods. Just remember to increase your intake in a slower pace to prevent your digestive system from being surprised or shocked by the sudden change.