How to Balance Weight Loss and Your Social Life

Posted by on 19th Mar 2015

Unfortunately, one of the biggest things standing in your way when it comes to weight loss is your social life. You may be great at sticking to eating healthy and exercising when you are at home alone, but when you go out with your friends you quickly cave to pizza and drinks. Spending time with friends doesn't have to stop you from losing weight though, you can actually use them as a source of support and motivation. Here are some ways you can lose weight with your friends other than simply using them as gym buddies:

  • Girls Studio Night Out – instead of going out for dinner and drinks, go to a workout studio and try a new class such as cycling, rowing, or bootcamp. Not only will this promote weight loss since you are switching it up from your normal workout routine, but you’re also skipping the calories from the heavy dinner you would have had if you went out to eat. Pick one studio for an entire month and go to a class one night a week and follow it up with a healthy dinner full of veggies and lean protein, then you will get to have healthy girl time once a week! Then switch to a different studio the next month.
  • Form a cooking club – each month, pick either a cuisine or healthy ingredient and have each person bring a healthy dish within the theme, along with the recipe to share. You get to eat healthy and control your portions while still getting to have social time with your friends!
  • Take a healthy cooking class – it is easy to get bored eating the same healthy foods over and over again when dieting, so find a cooking class that specializes in healthy eating. Not only will it help you learn new dishes and inspire some of your own, you can bring your friends along too.
  • Escape together – plan a getaway with your girls but instead of a beach trip, plan something fitness-focused whether it be a bike trip, yoga retreat, or just somewhere you can go hiking. Travelling is a great way to be adventurous and have fun with your friends.
  • Have a spa stay-cation – can’t spend the time or money on a full vacation? Try a stay-cation instead; start your day with a yoga class, then head to a healthy brunch, take another fitness class and end your day with a sauna or steam room to help you rest, relax, and recover
  • Join a cause – there are tons of group walks and runs that raise money for a good cause such as Race for a Cure, Relay for Life, and Cycle for Survival. Grab a group of your friends and make a team then hold each other accountable when it comes to fundraising, training and participating. Not only are you helping yourselves but you’re also helping a great cause!

Friends can be an excellent source of weight loss motivation, so instead of letting them bring you down or lead you astray from your weight loss goals, use them to your advantage! By having a strong support system you are guaranteed weight loss and real results!

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