How to Beat Your Weight Loss Plateau

Posted by on 1st Jul 2014

It is very common for women to hit a plateau in their weight loss, even when they are using weight loss pills that work and other fast weight loss programs. This can be very discouraging and keep some women from continuing on their weight loss diet plans. Instead of letting your plateau keep you from reaching your goals, check out these great ways to help you conquer your weight loss plateau:

  1. Keep Track! If you haven't been keeping track of the calories you consume each day, try keeping a food journal or use a calorie counting website or smartphone app. This will help you identify the empty calories you are consuming and the extra calories that are keeping you from losing weight. It has even been proven that keeping a food journal can help you lose up to twice as much weight as those who don't keep track of what they eat.
  2. Drink More Water! Water has all sorts of heal benefits, other than just keeping you hydrated, drinking a glass of ice water when you feel hungry will help suppress your appetite. Drinking plenty of water also prevents toxins from building up, which can increase fat storage if not eliminated from the body. 
  3. Boost Your Metabolism. Start your day off on the right path by starting your morning with a cardio workout on an empty stomach to boost your metabolism. For more ways to boost your metabolism and increase weight loss check out our blog post with the best ways to increase metabolism.
  4. Change Your Routine. Changing up your workout and even your diet is a great way to overcome your weight loss plateau. Over time, your body becomes used to your routine, which can make your results decline. Whether is is adding on time to your exercise routine, increasing the amount of weight you use, or switching up the foods you eat, try something new to get your weight loss back on track!
  5. Revisit Your Goals. After beginning your weight loss journey, you may forget your ultimate goal or begin to lose motivation, which can result in hitting a plateau in your weight loss. Take another look at the goals you made, and either make new goals, or put your goals somewhere you can see them each day for that constant reminder! If you need extra motivation, like us on Facebook, where we post motivational messages to keep you working towards your goals!

Don't let your weight loss plateau keep you from reaching your goals, if you want guaranteed weight loss, use these tips and check out our other Skinny Blog Posts for more tips on how to lose weight. If you are looking for the best online diet program, check out our Skinny Jane Challenges, that have been successful in helping hundreds of women lose weight and beat their plateaus.