How to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Posted by on 15th Jul 2014

Individuals suffering from excess weight and excess fat concerns have the same problem; abdominal or belly fat. Even if there are now several products and guides tackling how to lose belly fat fast such as our line of Skinny Jane Products, it is still a challenge because abdominal fats are considered the hardest to eliminate. When you accumulate weight, the belly expands first. And when you try to lose weight, it’s the last body part to thin down. If you are already frustrated with the products or regimens you implement, here are some of the best tips on how to lose belly fat effectively.

  • -Do vigorous or intense exercises. Still one of the best ways on how to really lose belly fat is for you to regularly workout. All your other efforts to lose weight are useless if you are not physically active. Exercise is considered the fastest way to burn fat. And when it comes to physical activity, short but intense exercises are far way better than the long yet milder ones. A good indicator of this method on how to lose lower belly fat is the increase in your heart and pulse rate. This means your body is burning fat more than the usual. Simple yet ideal examples include running, jogging, brisk walking, cycling, etc. Additionally, you can also do exercises particularly designed for the abdominal area like crunches or sit-ups.
  • -Observe a healthy diet. Paired with exercise is the observance of a healthy diet. The best way on how to lose belly fat quickly is to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables which are rich in dietary fibers. Aside from making you feel full, fiber helps clean out toxins in your digestive tract that contribute to fat buildup. A great way to get fiber (3 grams) and to also get some high quality protein (20 grams with 8 oz. of skim or almond milk) each day is to drink a Skinny Blend shake for breakfast or a mid morning snack. You should also avoid consuming foods which are high in sugar. If you have a hard time deciding what are healthy foods to eat, try one of our Skinny Jane Challenges, which come with a designated meal plan for you to follow!
  • -Switch to healthy oils and fats. Aside from grains that contain too much starch or carbohydrates, the main reason for belly fat is the consumption of saturated or unhealthy fat. Do you like eating fried or greasy foods? That explains why. If you still want to enjoy these types of menus and at the same time reduce that waistline, an ideal tip on how to lose belly fat quickly is for you to switch to natural and healthy oils. Instead of common cooking oil manufactured from animal fat, choose natural alternatives like olive oil.
  • -Get enough sleep. Another simple tip on how to lose belly fat fast is to ensure that you get enough and regular sleep. Lack of sleep can cause insulin insensitivity which can contribute to fat buildup. Additionally, you are lured to eat more when you are awake the whole night.
  • -Avoid or deal with your stress. An indirect way on how to lose lower belly fat is to minimize and manage your stress levels. Stress negatively affects much of the processes inside the body like digestion. It also triggers production of cortisol, a hormone that also increases your fat storage capacity. Not to mention the fact that you are tempted to eat junk when you are stressed out.
  • -Consume dietary supplements. Also included in the best tips on how to lose belly fat is the intake of dietary supplements which could help prevent the buildup and eliminate body fats. The good thing about supplements is that they can provide the necessary fat-reducing chemicals or compounds which you couldn’t or minimally get from your diet or the foods you consume. Our Skinny Burn and Skinny Cleanse Pills are both awesome natural diet pills that work great!

If you are still frustrated with the slimming products or instructional materials you have bought, the above list of tips are the best alternatives for you on how to really lose belly fat. Thank you for reading our Skinny Blog