How to Lose Weight When Eating Out

Posted by on 27th Jul 2014

If you really want to lose weight fast, you should watch your diet not only at home but when dining out as well. Obviously you have no control when it comes to the preparation of food at restaurants, fast food chains, kiosks, etc. But you have the ultimate power to choose the type of menu or course you are going to eat and, to decide on the amount you are going to consume. Do you want to know how to eat right and at the same time enjoy your day at the restaurant? Here are some of the best tips:

Choose gourmet or fine dining over fast food and buffet

The first trick for a fast weight loss when eating out is to choose the right place or restaurant. Between fine dining and buffet or fast food, it’s ideal to pick the former. Of course, you are not recommended to spend more when eating out but there is some logic to this. Did you notice that in fine dining, the servings are relatively small for you to feel full? The idea is to moderate the servings for you to be able to taste all the courses prepared for the day.

This is contrary to fast food where the focus is really to make customers full by serving large chunks of chicken, burger, or pizza. These are not really fast diet foods and only mean high amounts of cholesterol ingested in just a single meal. Additionally, buffet is not recommended. Although there are foods for a diet in buffet meal offerings, the problem is how to control your cravings or appetite.

Start with green salad or simply water

Before jumping into the main course, it is recommended to start with green salad. This can help reduce your hunger and prevent you from consuming too much of fatty or carbo-loaded main dishes. Since vegetables and fruits are full of fibers which are considered weight loss foods, you can consume more of it. If green salad is not available, a simple alternative for a fast weight loss food is water. Water also serves in taming that hunger or appetite, plus it aids in a better digestion. Another way to curb your appetite is to consume a Skinny Blend Shake a couple of hours before you plan on eating out.

Watch and count the calories

Health experts still believe that counting your calorie intake is the best method to lose weight fast whether you are eating at home or dining outside with family and friends. In most states, food establishments are already required by the government to put calorie amounts on their dishes or menus. You might also want to research first on the calorie content of the common restaurant foods for you to be able to budget your calorie to the right foods for a diet.

Order the right dishes

Similar to the idea of choosing the right restaurant, you should also choose the right dishes from the restaurant’s menu. After being familiar with the calorie counts of the courses offered, you can already make a better judgment of the best weight loss foods. For example, you might want to choose fish or seafood courses instead of meat. If you want to have a taste of everything, you can go for buffet, but only when you already know how to eat right.

Choose wine, natural juice, water, or tea

Finally, the type of drink you order also matters. Obviously, soda should be taken out of the picture of fast diet foods. When you want to have a sip of your favorite fruit juice, ensure that it is naturally extracted and not taken out of the can or box. Processed juices are just similar to soda which contains additional preservatives and sugar. Recommended beverages when dining out include moderate amounts of wine, tea, or just plain water is best.