How to Stay Motivated While Dieting

Posted by on 30th Jul 2014

Are you on a diet but already lack the motivation to complete or continue the regimen? Perhaps, you are already asking yourself: “Could anyone or any program help me lose weight without too much suffering and sacrifices?” It’s really a challenge to implement and adhere to a diet or weight loss system especially when the foods which are going to be blacklisted on your list are your former favorites. Not to mention the fact that temptations are ever present even when you’re just walking on the streets. If you need some weight loss motivation techniques, here are a few of them.

-Break down and define your goals. One of the culprits of lost motivation is expectation. Before implementing your diet regimen, perhaps you have planned to lose 20, 50, or 100 pounds. But after 2 weeks or 1 month, you haven’t even touched 50% of your goal yet. Would you stop? No, because even if you have achieved less than what you have already planned, you actually have done something about your concern. Maybe the problem from the very start is how you lay down and define your goals. If you break down that huge weight loss goal into smaller portions which can be achieved daily, weekly, or monthly, then you’ll be happier with the results. Our Skinny Jane Challenges come with goal and success cards to help you remember your goals!

-Track your weight loss progress. There’s a difference between feeling and numerically losing weight. You might feel the same since you started dieting but the weighing scale or measuring tape can tell you otherwise. This stresses the importance of tracking your progress. Achieving your daily or weekly goals no matter how small they are can keep you motivated. It is ideal that you use the best online diet tracker to monitor your progress. Our Skinny Jane Challenges also help you track your progress towards the goals you set for yourself.

-Bear in mind the reason why you started dieting anyway. If nothing else will keep you motivated when it comes to dieting and losing weight, why not consider the primary reason why you have implemented it. You are trying to lose weight in preparation for your wedding, for your modeling career, for improved health, to wear the clothes you’ve ever wanted, to look sexier, etc. The best online diet support group will always stress the need for you to focus.

-Diet with friends, relatives, or a group. Another effective technique for weight loss motivation is to do the dieting with friends, relatives who also need it, or by joining or forming a group. The idea is to form a support group where all members can discuss their experiences as well as help others in finding the best weight loss system or tools such as the best online diet tracker, or the best online diet support group or community.

-Take a break and reward yourself. The concept of rewards will never be absent on the list of motivation techniques. Reward yourself whenever you achieve your minor and major dieting goals. Rewards can be in other forms aside from food. A pampering spa or massage treatment, a vacation or trip, or material gifts are good examples. And when you are totally frustrated and already telling yourself: “help me lose weight”, you can actually take a break. It’s okay to suspend your regimen for a day or a week. This is applicable if the total weight you have lost is more than enough to compensate those extra fats you will gain while you are on a break.