Top 7 Healthy Snacks

Posted by on 16th Oct 2014

    Falling victim to the mid-day or midnight munchies is an easy way to sabotage all of those fast weight loss meal plans or diet plans for women you have been trying to follow. Snacking throughout the day can keep you from losing weight and you can even gain weight from too much unhealthy snacking. In our previous blog "How Healthy Snacking Can Help You to Lose Weight", we discussed how to eat right when snacking and trying to lose weight. Now, we want to share some of the best diet foods to eat while snacking:

    1. A handful of nuts. Nuts contain omega-3-fatty acids, protein and fiber that combine to make you feel full and suppress your appetite. Just be sure to avoid nuts packaged or roasted in oil, stick to dry roasted!
    2. Fresh veggies. Carrots, bell-pepper strips, celery, cherry tomatoes and broccoli all make great snacks, especially when you dip them in hummus, salsa, or another low calorie condiment.
    3. Skinny Blend protein shake. Drinking a Skinny Blend shake will keep you full for up to four hours. Whether you simply shake it up with some milk or blend it with some fruit, a Skinny Blend weight loss shake is a great snack!
    4. Fruit. Whether its fresh or frozen, fruit is a great diet food to snack on throughout the day. Personally, I enjoy letting frozen fruit sit out for a couple of minutes and then enjoying a nice cool treat that is somewhat similar to ice cream but loads healthier!
    5. Cheese sticks. Low-fat skim mozzarella cheese sticks are a great source of calcium.
    6. A Kashi granola bar. Get tired of plain old granola bars? Spread it with all natural peanut or almond butter to add some flavor!
    7. Dark chocolate. Craving some chocolate? Instead of reaching for a candy bar, stick with a couple of Dark Chocolate Hershey's Kisses instead!

    These are just a few ideas of healthy snacks for you to try throughout your day when you get a craving! There are plenty of other tasty diet foods that you can snack on too!

    Thanks for reading our Skinny Blog!