How to Keep the Pounds Off During Fall and Winter Months

8th Jan 2014

Even though its getting colder and the days are becoming shorter, that doesn't mean your weight loss goals have to stop. We tend to eat more and make poor eating choices when the fall and winter months approach us. Even if you only gain a pound or two during these months, over time this will catch up to you. So make a commitment now to continue eating healthy and exercising. Here are some tips to help you not stress about the fall and winter months and to continue a healthy life.

1. We tend to crave warm or hot food when the weather gets cooler, so make stews or soups filled with protein and vegetables. A slow cooker is perfect for this time of year. It's easy to make meals while you're at work and you can use more low-calorie seasonings, like spices, herbs, and broth. Since it's slow cooking, this will give it plenty of time to bring out the flavor you want.

2. Try to spend at least 10-15 minutes outside daily. Besides exercise, the more natural sunlight you get, the more seratonin (the "feel-good" hormone") produced in your body. This will help you make better choices, especially choices of how you eat. When your body doesn't produce this hormone you feel more fatigued and make you turn to more starchy foods to give you that extra energy. 

3. Keep up with your exercise routine and keep track of your caloric intake. It's hard to continue many outside activities during the colder months, so grab your own free weights for home, buy exercise videos, or join a gym where you can use their equipment or take a class. Watching your caloric intake, you can keep a journal of what you eat. This is important, especially since spending more time inside leads to snacking. 


Don't give up or hibernate during these fall and winter months! Stay motivated and stay on track and you will continue to meet your weight loss goals!