Quick Cleanse Kit Extra Strength - All Natural Weight Loss Detox Tea and Cleanse

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  • Premium ProBiotic by Core Care 180. From digestion, to immunity, to the skin…

Product Overview

Looking for a very effective and strong cleanse that will give you results within 24 hours? Then, this kit is for you!

Your Extra Strength Quick Cleanse Kit includes two great Skinny Jane products:

1. T.K.O. Weight Loss Tea - a great tasting weight loss/detox tea designed to cleanse and energize your body and mind. It contains a special blend of 8 all natural ingredients to help you cleanse your body and feel lighter.

Nutrition Info:

• 0 calories per serving

• Sugar Free

• Very low caffeine content

• Special blend of 8 all natural ingredients


• Suppresses appetite

• Boosts metabolism

• Speeds weight loss

• Tastes great!

• 1 Tin contains 20 sachets

Suggested use: Drink 2-3 cups daily, preferably before each meal and in the middle of the afternoon, eat around 1200 calories a day, and do not eat after 7 P.M. for best results.


2. 180 Cleanse - contains a unique combination of 8 ingredients. These special cleansing ingredients pull toxins out of your system and allow your metabolism to work at full speed. Additionally, it will help you feel lighter and reduce bloating, supporting weight loss.


• 8 cutting edge, natural ingredients

• Helps reduce food cravings

• Increases energy

• Boosts metabolism

• Cleanses toxins from the body

• 30 capsules per bottle/ 15 day formula

• Very strong cleanse kit

Suggested use: Start with 1 capsule plus 8 oz. of water 20-30 min before bed. For a stronger cleanse, some need 2 capsules, but ALWAYS START with 1 to see how it affects you. Results vary.

For a milder cleanse, please order our Skinny Jane Quick Cleanse Kit.

Order Your Lean 180 Quick Cleanse Kit today!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review