Benefits of Raspberry Ketones and Weight Loss

Posted by Skinny Jane on 20th Sep 2013

Raspberry Ketones have been proven to help with weight loss, particularly with regulating the metabolism and breaking down adipose tissue. Having a faster metabolism will help you burn fat faster and help you reach your goals. Adding a raspberry ketone along with exercise and a healthy diet will lead you to a better and healthier you! The recommended dose of raspberry ketones is 100 mg. a day, which is hardly anything. To get the same effect from the fruit, you'd have to consume about 90 raspberries! People taking raspberry ketones have seen weight loss results in two weeks!

Other benefits of raspberry ketones include the significant levels of antioxidants they contain. This helps fight off diseases and cell damage. It also releases a hormone protein, Adiponectin, that helps protect your body against Type 2 diabetes. Another benefit is that it prevents the buildup of plaque in the arterial walls to prevent liver cancer. 

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