The Right Way to Set Weight Loss Goals for Real Success

Posted by Skinny Jane on 29th Nov 2017

The Right Way to Set Weight Loss Goals for Real Success

Are you wondering how to successfully set weight loss goals? Your weight loss goals can mean the difference between success and failure.

  • First things first, you should begin by measuring all parts of your body that you want to lose inches from and record it in a journal with the date. When planning how many inches or pounds you want to lose, you should choose realistic numbers that you will be able to achieve. If you choose unrealistic numbers and set the bar too high, your chances of success will be less likely and you will feel like you have failed.
  • Next, begin with setting small goals. Small goals are easier to achieve and once you attain your goal, you can make another small goal and so on. These small goals lead to big success over time!
  • Monitor your progress. Using measurements to monitor your progress may benefit you more than setting a specific weight you want to weigh. Most people calculate their BMI to see what weight range they should be around and this can lead to problems. We are not fans of using BMI! Your BMI does not fully assess how much muscle and fat that you have.
  • Lastly, keep a daily journal of your progress and personal notes. For example, consider why you are wanting to lose weight and write about it. You can also log how you feel each day, what exercises you did, what you ate that day, motivation tips, etc. Your journal can also be used as a recipe book. Pinterest is great for healthy weight loss recipes! Visit our Pinterest page to get recipes, tips, and more!

Overall, you should examine your habits that you have now and make permanent changes to better your health. For example, consider what you eat and how active you are now. Then, you can make necessary changes that will lead you to improve your health and aid in your weight loss journey. By just doing these simple steps, you will begin to see a change not only in your body, but your mood/energy as well! You must remember that this will NOT happen overnight, it takes time, patience, and motivation, but you CAN do it!