Tips To Help You Not Gain Weight On Thanksgiving

7th Nov 2013

Most people worry about gaining weight over the holidays. You don't have to this year if you can remember these tips!

1. Don't save calories by not eating much the day before or the morning of Thanksgiving. You will be more likely to over eat at the "big meal". Instead, make sure you have a healthy breakfast, lunch, and light snack. That way you can practice portion control and know how much you eat.

2. Eat a salad with lots of vegetables before the main meal. This will help curb your appetite and feel full longer. Vegetables such as carrots and celery are also better to munch on while others are eating high calorie appetizers.

3. When choosing which dish or dishes to avoid, your best bet would be to avoid the most filling ones. These include casseroles, cream-based soups, and creamy potatoes. Go for lighter dishes, like vegtables, fruits, meats, or dishes with less ingredients and dressings on them.

4. Try not to indulge in several holiday drinks. A few glasses of wine can actually add up to a couple hundred calories. Drinking also stimulates your appetite, which can weaken your ability to practice portion control. So stick to just one glass!

5. Don't sleep off your big meal. You will naturally be tired after eating a big meal, so indulge in a fun activity, like tennis or Black Friday shopping.

6. Eat that turkey! Don't feel bad about taking leftover turkey with you. It can actually be a pretty healthy meal, if you skip the skin and gravy. Put it with some brown rice and steamed vegetables and you will have yourself a great meal!

7. Don't focus all of your attention on losing weight during the holidays. Instead, focus on maintaining your weight and continue your weight loss journey after the holidays. Don't stress out over not losing weight during Thanksgiving, celebrate a lack of gain!


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