10 Achievable Tips for a Healthier, Thinner New Year

11th Dec 2017

10 Achievable Tips for a Healthier, Thinner New Year
  1. Do a kitchen cleanse: Toss unhealthy foods from your cabinets, fridge, car, and office! This includes chips, cookies, sugary snacks, and soda! This forces you to go to the grocery and start over. A perfect time to purchase healthy snacks!
  2. Reboot your workout: Most “get-in-shape” goals tend to fizzle out as early as the third week of January. To keep this from happening, you should change your mindset. Don’t view your get-in-shape goals as an activity; view it as a lifestyle change! In return, you won’t just achieve your goal and go back to your bad habits.
  3. Take it a week at a time - Rather than planning long term, plan week by week. This can be planning your meals for the week, and also your workouts. For example, if you know you have an activity going on after work on Wednesday, you may want to work out before work in the morning so you don’t miss out!
  4. Raise the stakes: Once you set goals, give yourself rewards for receiving those goals. This rewards can include new workout clothes, a mani-pedi, or a relaxing day at a spa!
  5. Bundle your workout: You can make your workout more enjoyable by pairing it with something you like. This can mean cycling while your favorite television show is on or Reboot your stressful days: Just because you had a stressful day(s) at the office doesn’t mean you should slack on your diet or workout. Yes, relaxing is important, but it jogging while the sun sets!
  6. shouldn’t interfere with your healthy lifestyle. So learning to relieve stress in your workouts can make a HUGE impact.
  7. Say no to something every week: When your coworkers ask you to go out to eat after work it is okay to say “I can’t sorry”. Saying no occasionally can go a long way especially if it is going out to eat. It will help you not only on the scale but your bank account as well.
  8. Take a time-out daily - Vow to disconnect at least once a day. Taking 10 minutes out of your day to take a walk, whether that's at lunch, or right when you get off work can make or break a stressful day.
  9. Keep in mind when you feel fatigue - This can be helpful when determining your diet. For example, if you always tend to start dragging around 3 pm, you should look at what you had for lunch and why it is making you feel this way. From there, you can change your diet.
  10. Pencil in bedtime everyday - When you plan it, you’re most likely to do it. By writing a “bedtime” down this gets your mind into a routine.

We hope you put these 10 Tips to use for a better and healthier New Year!