3 Effective Exercises for Lean, Tone Arms

Posted by Skinny Jane on 9th Dec 2016

3 Effective Exercises for Lean, Tone Arms

Raise your hand if you want lean, strong arms? 

Women are known to struggle with their arms. Even after centuries of carrying children we still seemed cursed with "bat wings" instead of triceps (the muscle on the bottom of your arm that seems to flap and fly). The key to getting strong arms is to exercise the entire arm. You should also be doing back exercises, which often use the arms as a secondary muscle group. 

Don't think you need to stumble around a gym, wondering which exercises are good for your arms. We have you covered with three exercises for you that work the:

  • biceps
  • triceps
  • shoulders

Working these muscles will slim your arms from top from bottom. Perform these exercises either at home or at the gym!

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Bicep Curls

Bicep Curls tone the muscle on the top of the upper-arm; think the muscle that pops up when you flex. Make sure to keep the wrists straight while performing this exercise. If the wrists curl as well, go down 3-5 pounds. 


Tricep Extension

Good ol' triceps! It's probably 99% of women want more toned triceps. This excessivexercise can be performed standing, on a bench, or on a stability ball. The stability ball will give you a little extra core work! Keep the elbows in line with the shoulders and pointing forward. 

Lateral Raises

The shoulders and upper-back are needed for moving the arms. Ignoring these muscles can lead to pain and damage later in life meaning therapy or surgery that could lead to non-use of one or both arms for weeks. And we all know if you don't use it, you lose it!

Enjoy and remember to refuel with Skinny Blend after every workout!