4 Tips for Great Skin and Weight Loss

Posted by on 25th Sep 2015

Great Skin & Weight Loss

Ever said “Please, someone help me lose weight”. I have! Every woman wants to look and feel her best! There are so many “quick get thintips” and “easy lose weight tricks” for doing that that the good ones get lost in translation! Here are 4 tips that help your skin AND move you towards achieving your weight loss goals!

  1. SWEAT!

Working out is essential to good health, and feeling great! As an added bonus, it helps your skin look radiant! Dermatologists say that getting your heart going helps increase the delivery of oxygen to important skin cells, helping them function at their best!

  2. Drink Even MORE Water!

You should drink eight, 8 oz. glasses of water per day, but surveys show that Americans aren’t drinking even half that. If you double your current water intake, research proves that your skin will look better. Water keeps your skin’s protective barrier intact, and makes moisturizers more effective! Plus, staying hydrated can help you reduce hunger and cravings; many confuse thirst for hunger pains.

  3. Go To Bed!

Stop procrastinating, and just go to sleep! You should strive for 8 hours a night, for proven skin benefits, and settle for no less than 6! Plus, being sleep deprived (not enough minutes of sleep, or bad quality of sleep) causes your metabolism to go haywire, and will hinder your weight loss goals

  4. Eat Your Omega’s!

Foods with Omega 3 fatty acids strengthen the membrane of skin cells, improving barrier function, and reducing damage due to the environment (pollution, sun rays, etc). A recent study done in Australia has shown that eating Omega-3’s, as well as exercising 3 times a week, will increase the amount of weight you lose over time!

Remember, adding Skinny Jane Weight Loss Products with these 4 tips for radiant skin and weight loss, will have you feeling great and looking your best! 

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