4 Tips to Reduce Breast Cancer

Posted by on 16th Oct 2015

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, something we at think is a crucial issue in women’s health, and we want do all we can to support those going through the fight, as well as help those who want to reduce their chances of getting breast cancer! Although genetics, and family history play a major role in cancer, below are 4 ways you can change your life to help reduce your risk of getting breast cancer.


Scientists at the Center for Disease Control have done studies that show getting at least 4 hours of exercise per week can help reduce your chance of getting breast cancer. Being overweight or obese greatly increases your chances of getting breast cancer, and exercise, as well as a healthy diet can REDUCE your risk (see below). Reducing your chances of getting breast cancer is a serious weight loss motivator, and exercising often gives you tons of great health results!


How to eat right is a problem that many women suffer from. Diet plans that are high in plant-based foods, and low in red meat help to reduce your risk of breast cancer. These foods include broccoli and garlic. Studies also show that to achieve rapid weight loss, a diet high in leafy greens is the way to go! A weight loss diet plan is key to helping you lose weight, feel better, and up your chances of being, and staying, cancer free! Check out these 2 healthy weight loss plans.


Recent research has shown that by getting a good night’s sleep, you improve your overall health, mood, and reduce the chance of breast cancer. Melatonin is a hormone that is released to help you fall asleep, and exposure to light stops the production of melatonin at night. Studies have found that melatonin also helps to prevent cancer. So when going to bed, try to stay off your phone, computer, and other electronics, while also keeping the room as dark as possible.


Self-breast exams are a key component of preventative care in regards to breast cancer. The earlier the breast cancer is caught, the better chance the patient has of being treated successfully. When a self-breast exam is done each month, the likelihood you will catch the cancer early goes up immensely. To find instructions on how to conduct your own breast exam, visit

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