5 Foods to Boost Your Metabolism and Burn Fat Fast

Posted by Skinny Jane on 29th Mar 2017

5 Foods to Boost Your Metabolism and Burn Fat Fast

Are you getting the most out of your meals? Or do you feel hungry all the time and have yet to see the results you expect? The best way to lose weight is by eating foods that not only provide great nutrition, but also curb your cravings and boost your metabolism. Check out this list of 5 foods that are proven to burn fat, naturally suppress your appetite, and provide the nutrients you need to get the results you want. 

1. Grapefruit - Grapefruit has been proven to help boost metabolism and burn fat. However, do not even attempt the "Grapefruit Diet". Instead, try having a grapefruit with breakfast or as a snack. You can even juice a grapefruit and add it to your Banana Skinny Blend for a truly tropical drink. 

2. Oatmeal - A true hero, oatmeal is a blank canvas begging to be enjoyed at all times of the day. Better than being delicious, oatmeal actually combats Leptin resistance. Leptin is the "hunger hormone", the chemical released by fat cells telling your brain that you are full. Being resistant to Leptin is believed to be one of the biggest causes for obesity. Eating oatmeal can turn on that hormone and help you feel full. 

3. Green Tea - The slight amount of caffeine in green tea speeds up your body's fat fighting power. Green tea also releases FGCG which stimulates the nervous system, letting calories be burned at a faster rate. T.K.O. Tea is another great option with a blend of 7 natural herbs, proven and used for centuries to flush fat and naturally curb cravings. Drink tea first thing in the morning or in the afternoon when you feel a bit sluggish.

4. Hot Peppers - Colored bell peppers are a great source of vitamins and minerals, but switch it up and add hot peppers to your meal - especially when eating eggs, tacos, and soups! Substances in the peppers increase blood flow which in turn boosts your metabolism and causes your body to burn fat! 

5. Low-Fat Yogurt - Boasting high protein and calcium, low-fat yogurt is an excellent, diet-friendly snack options. When buying low-fat yogurt, the number one precaution is noticing the sugar content! Flavored varieties are often too good to be true and contain high amounts of sugar. Instead, try unflavored green yogurt in a Skinny Blend smoothie to make it thick or mix Greek yogurt into your oatmeal! 

The point of a weight loss program is not to starve yourself or have food your hate. The best weight loss program lets you eat nutritious food that naturally curbs your appetite and boosts metabolism. Adding low calorie super-foods like we've listed will help you lose weight and feel great. We hope you enjoyed this list and will share some of your favorite weight loss meals with us on our Facebook page!