7 Weight Loss Myths You Believe (but you shouldn't...)

Posted by Skinny Jane on 21st Apr 2017

7 Weight Loss Myths You Believe (but you shouldn't...)

It's hard to keep up with the latest weight loss and fitness news. However, there are a few myths that are perpetuated on blogs and in the gym, believed to give you easy weight loss. You may have even shared them with your friends! There are definitely some amazing weight loss tips on the internet, but the best way to lose weight is to have a proper diet and an awesome exercise program. Now that you know the facts, time to let go of myths and lose weight for good. Check out these 7 weight loss myths you believe and simply need to let go...

The cardio machine is counting the calories you are burning - Some cardio machines ask for your age and weight, including these factors will give a more precise calorie count. However, calories burned also depend on your sex, body composition, and fitness level. Don't let that discourage you from getting on the cardio machine, but also don't think that just because you burned 150 calories, that means you no longer have to worry about the cookie you had at lunch.

Fruit juice is good for you - Juicing is a huge trend. While there is nothing wrong with having a fresh squeezed juice (after all, it is much healthier than a soft drink!), whole fruit is a much better choice. Fruit juice is generally very high in sugar and while vitamins are present, the fiber and some nutrients are missing. If you enjoy juicing, don't think of it as a weight loss food, instead use juices as a way to get more greens, fruits, or veggies - just not your only source. 

Your weight is the end all be all of your success - Muscle weighs more than fat, repeat after us, muscle weigh mores than fat. It also takes up less space. What does this mean? You may not lose weight but notice your jeans and shirts fit better. Track your success by taking measurements. The Skinny Map that is included with the Skinny Jane challenges gives you a guide to taking measurements and lets you compare measurements from the beginning of a challenge to the end. 

Vegetable oils are heart healthy - For decades, health professionals have been touting the benefits of liquid oils over solid oils (butter, shortening, etc.) due to the amount of saturated fats. Unfortunately, most vegetable oils are highly processed and treated with chemicals. Instead of processed oils reach for olive oil, coconut oil, or ghee. Make sure to purchase pure or virgin varieties as these have been through less processing.

Working out on an empty stomach burns more fat - The morning is when your metabolism is the lowest. Worse yet, having an empty stomach could lead to dizziness, fatigue, or cramps. Always eat something at least 30 minutes before working out. You do not need a large meal, but have a glass of water and two hard boiled eggs, or a banana with almond butter. These choices will boost your metabolism and keep you feeling fine as your work out. 

Spot training is best for tight abs or toned arms - The best way to get your best body, is to train the whole body. You will burn more calories and reduce muscle memory resulting in greater fat loss. There are also a lot of compound movements that will train the whole body and give you the results you want. Instead of guessing at the gym, work with a trainer or try a plan like the 28 Day Slimdown to keep the body guessing and get fast results. Think of the kettle bell swings from our recent blog. Sleek legs? Check. Strong core? Check. Sexy arms? Check. 

Everything in moderation - Whoever coined the term "everything in moderation" was not talking about candy, soft drinks, and hamburgers; or about daily intake. It's true, a few pieces of chocolate or a hamburger will not ruin your diet. However, you may end up binging or later in the day realize you had a high calorie lunch, chocolate as a snack, and a cookie for dinner. It is best to avoid foods that you know are your weakness until you feel strong enough to say no.