Do Probiotics have Side Effects?

Posted by Skinny Jane on 7th Oct 2016

Do Probiotics have Side Effects?

We hope by now you have heard of our new, premium probiotic Core Care 180

One question we have been asked is "what are the side effects". Current research shows the only true side effect of probiotics are better digestion and improved mood. Of course, everyone reacts to supplements differently. Occasionally users see an increase in gas, bloating, and possbily diarrhea. 

Although these reactions can be seen as adverse, embarrassing, and uncomfortable they are actually part of the transition period and a sign of effectiveness. This is because for so long the gut was imbalanced with more "bad" bacteria than "good". Core Care 180 delivers a potent dose of "good" bacteria that starts taking over the "bad" bacteria. The takeover can start a little war in your belly hence the grumbling and other symptoms. 

Don't give up! Know this is simply part of the process. Like the old adage "it will get worse before it gets better". Expect any aggravation to last a few days to a week. If the conditions do not improve see your physician to see if a bigger issue exists. 

If all you feel when taking Core Care 180 is better don't worry! Not everyone sees an increase in symptoms and not everyone will. It doesn't mean it is not working for you. 2-4 weeks after taking Core Care 180 take note of how you feel, your digestion, changes in bloating, etc. that will be your true measure of effectiveness.