How Core Care 180 will Help You Naturally Detoxify

Posted by Skinny Jane on 25th Jan 2017

How Core Care 180 will Help You Naturally Detoxify

Did you know your body has the capability to detoxify itself? It's true! Your gut is not only for digestion; it also detoxifies, builds your immune system, and delivered nutrients to the blood stream. Unfortunately, most of us don't fully utilize our digestive system because we ignore a key component - PROBIOTICS

First, it's important to you there is a community within your gut known as the microbiome. Your microbiome is an ecological community aka a bunch of bacteria living in your gut - up to 100 TRILLION in fact! Just like in every community, there are the good, faithful townspeople and the greedy bad guys, trying to revolt. The bad bacteria lead to inflammation marked by disease, indigestion, and even allergies. The good guys protect not only the gut, but the entire body making you a quick digesting and healthy all star. 

In this instance the "good guys" are better know probiotics. Research increasingly shows the benefits of building your microbiome with probiotics through supplements like Core Care 180 and foods. Expanding your microbiome not only helps digestion, it also flushes heavy metal, and pathogens from the body. Taking a probiotic like Core Care 180 can lead to:

  • better digestion
  • weight loss 
  • overall feeling of wellness
  • increased mood 
  • decreased infections

When you start taking probiotics, it may take a few days or sometimes a few weeks to notice the benefits. Because probiotic supplements, like Core Care 180 send a large amount of good bacteria to your guy they begin to flush out the harmful bacteria. As with any war, some discomfort is normal and increased bloated or digestive issues for a few days is not un-expected. 

Food can also build your microbiome. Fermented foods have been enjoyed for centuries with our ancestors knowing little of their benefit. High fiber foods also help food move through the digestive system making it easier for probiotics to flourish. Try eating more of these foods to improve your microbiome:

  • yogurt or kefir
  • oatmeal 
  • sauerkraut or kimchi
  • dark chocolate (in moderation)
  • tempeh
  • sourdough bread

Have you tried Core Care 180? If not get it HERE your entire body will thank you!