Spring Clean Your Health

Posted by on 6th Apr 2016

As Spring rolls around, we want to help you clean up your unhealthy habits. Make Spring the season you better your health and change your unhealthy habits. Here are some ways to start cleaning up your health.

1. Start with choosing in-season local produce. Seasonal produce can offer more flavors to your meals, as well as price savings. Four seasonal vegetables you can pick up from the store include: watercress, broccoli, baby spinach, and scallions.

2. You should plan ahead and schedule wellness appointments as needed. There is nothing wrong with getting a yearly physical or screening.

3. Take advantage of the weather and venture outside. Walking outside has many benefits such as improving your cardiovascular system and burning calories.

4. Begin to de-clutter your medicine cabinet. Medicine should be stored in a cool, dry place. When deciding if you should throw out your medicine, you should check the expiration date on the bottle.

5. Go wheat free for a month. Cutting wheat from your diet will help you avoid gliadin protein, which is an appetite-stimulating property. Swap out your wheat-based products with rice, legumes, buckwheat, tapioca, or potatoes.

6. Learn how to de-stress yourself this spring. Try to squeeze in a few minutes each day to meditate and just relax in a comfortable position. While doing this, close your eyes and focus on breathing slowly.

7. No one likes spring allergies, so start by washing all linens and blankets in your home. A great number of dust particles collect on linens. Also, wipe off dust from all smooth surfaces such as tabletops, ceiling fans, or windowsills.

8. It might be time to replace those old, worn-out running shoes. Your shoes you wear to workout in may be doing more harm than good. The material in your workout shoes might be wearing out and losing the cushioning effect that you need for support. So if you have had the same shoes for a while, you might want to replace them with a new pair this spring.

9. Lastly, boost your daily happiness. Give away items that you no longer want, especially clothes that do not flatter you. Smile daily, exercise daily, get enough sleep, and be happy during this spring season!