Strike a Pose for Weight Loss Motivation and Lasting Results

Posted by Skinny Jane on 28th Apr 2017

Strike a Pose for Weight Loss Motivation and Lasting Results

Are you ready to lose weight but need some motivation? Strike a pose! That's right - your ticket to fast, lasting weight loss results may be a selfie. Scanning the weight loss tag on social media will reveal thousands of before, during, and after photos and for a good reason. IT WORKS! Taking photos of your weight loss journey will keep you motivated, highlight your success, and possibly boost others motivation. Here are a few tips and tricks to taking photos and staying motivated to do so...

  1. Capture All the Angles - Don't just snap a picture of your "best side". We recommend these angles: Front, Back, Left Side, Right Side. Seriously, every angle. This will keep you honest and from hiding an imperfection or your larger arm or thigh. 
  2. Wear Tight or Minimal Clothing - You don't need to strip down to your undergarments for a progress picture. But do, for your own sake, wear your tightest clothing. Leggings with a snug shirt are perfect. If you only have 10-15 pounds to lose, go pick out a "goal" outfit and take pictures of your progress slipping into it. 
  3. Smile - Exude confidence in all of your pictures. Yes, even your very first before picture. You will notice this amazing thing happen... your smile will become more genuine! As you lose weight, you will see a boost in your confidence, you will fit into new clothes, you will have SO MUCH to smile about!
  4. Post "During" Pictures - If you are doing a program like the Skinny Jane 8 Week Challenge, make sure to take weekly pictures! This gives you the opportunity to really measure your progress and keeps you from giving up or plateauing because you will be continuously encouraged.   
  5. Face-to-Face Friday - This is a great hashtag on social media! Take pictures of your face from all angles just like your body. Notice how your double chin disappears, cheekbones become more defined, and the difference in your skin. 

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