Successful Weight Loss with The Right Mind Set

Posted by on 25th Sep 2015

The Right Mind Set for Successful Weight Loss

Most diets and weight loss plans tell you to focus on calories coming in, calories going out, and to keep the first one lower than the second. This is true, but it’s missing a key part that keeps you losing weight fast and on your diet plan: THE RIGHT MIND SET! Keeping yourself positive and focused is key to dropping pounds! Here are 3 ways to keep yourself positive and excited about losing weight, and looking and feeling your best!

  1. Be Nice to Yourself!

Talk to yourself about your workouts and weight loss goals the way you would talk to someone else! Even when your disappointed, and feel like you haven’t hit your weight loss goal, stick to it! Eventually, this will set a pattern, and will inform you on how to reach your weight loss goals, and how to eat right in a positive way! Exercising and eating healthy will become a way to treat yourself, not a torturous experience, and you’ll WANT to do them!

  2. Make Weight loss one of your goals.

Set other milestones besides just what the scale reads to ensure that you’ll be successful. Research has found that having a weight loss goal, AND a non-weight loss goal helps you to achieve both.Pairing the goals will help boost your confidence to succeed. These goals will work best if they are related to each other, and if you put equal importance on both. For best results, pick milestones that are complementary to each other. 

  3. Be realistic.

With any weight loss program, there will be rough patches where nothing will go right, or you stall out. Prepare for these ahead of time! Research shows that if you seriously consider the hardships that will come with your goals, and consider how to handle them, you will have a higher success rate than those who are endlessly optimistic about them. Every diet plan comes with ups and downs. What makes someone successful is his or her ability to cope with the downs, and move past it!

These are three ways that staying positive can help you lose weight fast and move through dieting plateaus, and reach all the goals you have set. Happy Dieting, and Stay Positive!

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