Swing into Fitness Today - Eat Right and Proper Exercise

Posted by Skinny Jane on 14th Apr 2017

Swing into Fitness Today - Eat Right and Proper Exercise

Plain and simple, the best way to lose weight is the right combination of learning how to eat right, getting proper exercise, and being patient while you transform. Instead of constantly searching for a new program or fad, you need to a weight loss program that works, like Skinny Jane challenges with a great exercise program such as the Simply Slim 28 Day Workout! If you're looking for an exercise to add to your routine to boost results, there is one piece of exercise equipment that is perfect for cardio and strength training that you need to burn belly fat fast... Kettlebells!


Kettlebell moves burn calories fast, and target more muscles then jogging! We are talking 20 calories a minute (that's 100 calories in 5 minutes)! You also can quickly and efficiently get a full body workout. The most effective workout to is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout. Do 45 second of intense moves and rest of 15 seconds. Continue doing this for 15 minutes.   


Once again, the core is really the star of Kettlebell workouts and learning how to properly use your core will improve balance. While you may not be ready for a Turkish getup (Google it, we dare you) you can try this simple move to build strength and balance. 

1. Sit in a chair with a Kettlebell in one hand, pressed overhead

2. Press into the feet evenly and stand

3. Bring the Kettlebell back to shoulder height

4. Sit down, press Kettlebell overhead and repeat 10 times each side. Work on getting faster!

Burns Belly Fat

Kettlebell Swings call for a braced core to stabilize and push through the move. This move has actually been studied because of it's effectiveness. Researchers found that when exercisers quickly contracted their abs at the top of the swing, their obliques also contract 100% of their maximum potential! Kettlebell works outs are dynamic and require you use every ounce of your muscles potential giving you an amazing ab strengthening workout. Check out the video below to learn how to do this awesome move! 

Start with a 10-pound Kettlebell and work up, noticing how well you retain form. Once you start to compromise your form and let your core soften, back down 5 pounds. Enjoy adding Kettlebell exercises into your routine. Send an e-mail to to give us updates on your weight loss journey. Remember, the key to weight loss is determination and patience.