Take the Plank!

Posted by SkinnyJane on 17th Oct 2016

Okay ladies. We have the workout move that will tone your belly, legs, improve posture, help your mood, and improve balance? Sound too good to be true? Well it's not! Practicing your planking is no easy task but the benefits are worth the sweat! 

  1. Start on all fours, pressing into the rim of the palms
  2. Curl the toes and walk feet back until the legs are straight
  3. Keep the balls of the feet on the mat, pressing through the heels
  4. Pull the navel towards the spine to create a strong back and core, DO NOT let the belly slouch towards the mat
  5. Draw the shoulder blades down the back as you continue pressing into outer edge of the palms
  6. Hold 30 seconds. As you continue building strength you will be able to hold a plan for longer. 

* Modify by coming onto the knees or forearms. You will still keep the upper body long

* Every exhale pull the low belly in, this is how you protect the back and create a strong core 

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Planks are the perfect exercise to build the strength you've always wanted while toning your core. 

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial! How long can you hold a plank? Did your plank improve after reading this article? Comment below and let us know!