Weight Loss Tips That Work

15th Oct 2013

Are you struggling to lose that extra weight? Have you been exercising and watching what you're eating, but have not yet seen the changes you're wanting to see? Well, here are some useful tips that just might give you that extra boost you need to shed those unwanted pounds!

1. Plan your meals. If you take a few hours one day and put together set meals for the week, you are more likely to stick with that diet.

2. Don't skip meals, especially breakfast. If you do skip a meal, this will force your body to go into starvation mode, causing you to not only over eat, but also make it harder for yourself to burn calories.

3. Instead of fried foods, try any of the other healthy ways to cook, which are: roasting, steaming, poaching, baking, braising, or boiling.

4. Drink plenty of water, daily. If you don't get enough water, your body can confuse that with being hungry and cause you to eat more.

5. Skip the bread, snack mix, or chips and salsa at a restaurant. If you are hungry, you'll over eat before you even get your meal.

6. Create emergency snacks. When you are on the go and hungry, you could resort to just about anything. Make or bring snacks of nuts, fruit, or vegetables.

7. Take a walk before breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Besides getting the extra exercise, you're less likely to choose unhealthy food after a little exercise.

8. Keep a watch on your portion sizes. A 9-inch plate should be the biggest dish you eat off of. Kids size plates help with portion control!

9. Don't eat out of a bag, box, or carton. Separate the appropriate amount onto a dish. This will also help with portion control.

10. Get your sleep. Sleep deprivation can trigger feelings of hunger and make you eat more.

11. Strength train. Muscle burns more than fat, so don't just do cardio. Strength train 2-3 times a week.

12. Give up the sodas. Simply by switching to water, you will see weight loss in no time.

13. Get rid of the mayo, cheese, and top bun to scratch off an extra 250 calories!

14. Call a friend if you're feeling unmotivated. Having someone hold you accountable to working out or eating right will make you want to be more successful so you don't fail for them.