Healthy Energy Drinks

Posted by on 24th Aug 2014

Long work weeks and taking care of the family or personal matters can be especially draining and cause us to become really exhausted. Times like these create the temptation for us to reach for a caffeinated soda or grab some Starbucks. Unfortunately, these sorts of drinks can drastically hinder your fast weight loss and turn easy weight loss into hard weight loss. Instead of reaching for one of the unhealthy energy drinks on the market, try these healthy alternatives when you need an energy boost or a pick me up:

  1. Vegetable Juices and Smoothies. Vegetables such as spinach, parsley and kale are great sources of B vitamins which are required for our body's metabolism to run properly. The better your metabolism is running, the more energized you will feel. Combine some vegetables with one of our Skinny Blend weight loss smoothie to not only get an energizing boost, but also feel full longer.
  2. Tea. Although tea usually contains less caffeine than coffee, it has many more health benefits. Green tea is especially good for you, but the best tea that you can drink to not only give you a boost of energy but also help in your weight loss efforts is TKO "Knockout Weight Loss" Tea.
  3. Protein Shakes. Not having enough protein in your diet is often a cause of fatigue and feeling tired. A high quality protein shake such as our Skinny Blend protein shakes can help your body feel energized, especially when you add fruits to the shake. Skinny blend protein shake mix makes one of the best tasting protein shakes on the market.
  4. Water. Dehydration is a common cause of exhaustion and fatigue. As soon as our body starts to become dehydrated, we become sluggish and start losing energy. If you want to make your water more exciting, add in some fresh fruit for flavor and more nutritional value.

Energy drinks on the market are almost always very unhealthy and are loaded with sugars that make rapid weight loss difficult. If you want to stay on track towards your weight loss goals, steer clear of unhealthy drinks and instead choose one of these healthy energizing drinks.

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