New Year's Resolutions to a Healthier 2014

7th Jan 2014

Here's to a new year and a fresh new start! Start the year off right with a positive attitude and healthy goals to begin 2014! Listed below are some some great ideas to help you stay on track!


1. Control your portions. Start by using smaller bowls or plates. You won't over eat and you'll get into the habit of not eating so much. A kids plate or bowl is actually more of the serving size you want to go for anyway.

2. Change your health outlook. Instead of focusing on an "all-or-nothing" outlook, focus on individual steps throughout the whole process. One step can move you closer or further away to your goal. For example, eating a piece of pizza would move you a step away from your goal, compared to eating spinach will move you a step closer to your goal.

3. Integrate exercise into your daily life. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, run to the mailbox to get the mail instead of leaning your arm out of the car window and getting it, get up during every commercial break and do a set of crunches or jumping jacks. If you incorporate little things like this into your daily routine, you won't feel as bad when you do miss an exercise session. These little things sdo not take place of exercising, by any means, but they will help you stay on track and somewhat active for when you do miss going to the gym,

4. Use your kitchen more! Cook more of your meals. This way you have the ability to control what you eat and how healthy or unhealthy it can be. You might also be able to save a little money.

5. Get a work out buddy for the new year or enlist yourself into a class or group where you will meet many different people. It's easier to stay on track if you have someone to keep you accountable or if you are part of a team.


These are just a few examples of what  you can do to start of your New Year. Every day is a chance to start fresh, so stay positive and keep working toward your goals! 


Thanks for reading our Skinny Blog and Happy 2014!