5 Healthy, Waist Trimming Salad Toppings to Try TODAY!

Posted by Skinny Jane on 6th Mar 2017

5 Healthy, Waist Trimming Salad Toppings to Try TODAY!

Salads are commonly considered healthy, but add dressing, croutons, cheese, and OH MY! You could have a diet disaster. Instead, try topping your salads with nutrient-dense toppings that not only taste amazing but are good for you!

  1. Avocado - Not only will avocado add a smooth, creamy texture to your salad, these fruits are packed with brain-boosting folate and Omega 3 fatty acids! Add 1/4 of an avocado to your salads to get lots of nutrition while avoiding a fat overload. 
  2. Beans or Chick Peas - The fiber in beans will help your digestion while protein keeps you full longer. Rinse beans or chickpeas and add 1/4 cup atop your salad. You can also make a bean salad by mixing beans, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes in dressing... yum!
  3. Peppers - Colored peppers are crunchy and full of Vitamin C to detoxify and fight inflammation. You can also expect lots of fiber to help your body absorb nutrients. Use raw peppers for a healthy crunch or gently roast peppers for a punch of flavor. 
  4. Berries - Need a little sweetness? Add berries to your salad! Not only will berries add a burst of flavor, they enhance your salad with Vitamin E & C.
  5. Quinoa - Salads don't need to be all vegetables and fruit - add quinoa! A complete protein, quinoa is actually a seed that looks like cous-cous and has a nutty taste, almost like rice. Adding this to salads means you will boost your protein and fiber.

What are your favorite salad toppings? Is there a dressing recipe you just can't get enough of?! We'd love to hear them in the comments below!