7 Ways to Stop Burnout

Posted by Skinny Jane on 24th Mar 2017

Do you feel tired? Or maybe like giving up on your weight loss program or diet? You could be suffering from burnout. Burnout happens when you take on too much work, set super-high expectations, or just become over-stressed by your goals or projects. This is especially common when trying to lose weight, a busy week at work, or even when at home. Adopting some simple changes can keep you on top of your goals and help increase your energy and give fast results while working towards weight loss. 

7 Tips to Beat Burnout

  1. Drink Water - Water cures everything doesn't it? Not only drinking water one of the best ways to lose weight. A sip of cold water can rejuvenate you, relax you, even get your blood flowing again. Sip with intention and stand at the sink and take a few sips, without your phone or work in your hand. 
  2. Exercise - Take a walk, do a few jumping jacks, or go to yoga. If your diet or workout is a source of your burnout, try something new. Recruit a neighbor, co-worker, or friend to take a walk around the block with you. Focus on you, not on if you are going to lose weight or get your steps. 
  3. Intimacy - Sit with a friend, a partner, even you kids and just be present with them. Whether you just talk, read a book, or even go to dinner let the time be about just the two of you. Creating a bond with those around you is great for your mental health and will give you time to refocus your energy. 
  4. Unplug - One of the best things you can do for your health is to put down the phone or computer. This decreases burnout by actually letting you focus. You also are not worried about texts, calls, and e-mails. Work from your computer? Step away from your computer for a quick walk around the office or do as much work from a pen and paper as possible. You may find putting a pen to paper actually gets the juices flowing.  
  5. Get Musical - Sing, play, groove however you enjoy music just let yourself enjoy it! Dancing is a great option to get blood flowing and get a great workout in for the day. Music has also been shown to boost brain power and stress. 
  6. Community - Get involved with a group. It can be reaching out to someone at the gym to be your accountability, signing up to volunteer, or even join a workout class. Being a part of a community, allows you to make connections so you are not going at it alone. We all know support groups make reaching your goals easier and more fun! 
  7. Do Something New - Step out of your habits. Going to the same group class every day? Try a new one or pick up an exercise eBook like the Simply Slim program! Turn on the T.V. when you get stressed? Try writing in your journal or reading instead. Have an unhealthy habit like smoking or eating when stressed? Really switch it up and adopt a healthy habit like going on a walk.

Burnout can put a halt on your motivation while on a weight loss program. Allowing your self time to refocus your energy is a great way to stay on track with your weight loss goals (or even while working towards personal or professional goals). We encourage you to adopt at least one of these health tips today so you can reboot and be your best self in no time. Never forget it is okay to take time to yourself to relax and decompress in order to stay on track. 

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