Not Getting Weight Loss Results? Drink More Water Today!

Posted by Skinny Jane on 22nd Feb 2017

You know water is important for you and that a majority of living organisms are comprised of water. Yet do you get at least 64 ounces a day? Or do you find yourself joking that coffee is made with water so it is water? Staying hydrated actually helps cleanse your body and flush toxins. Drinking plenty of water can actually help you lose weight and is often found at the top of lists labeled "How to Lose Weight". Today we give you some options to increase your water intake and lose weight. 

Lets start with the facts. It is not uncommon for adults to gulp down fruit drinks, soft drinks, or coffee in lieu of water. Did you know the average packaged fruit juice or cola can contain over 50g of sugar?! Swigging that much sugar can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. Even if you avoid the "real stuff" the caffeine in soft drinks and coffee can cause stress to the heart and adrenal glands.

Okay, now that I have your attention let's talk about how to get more water in your diet. 

Remember, the average adult needs to drink eight-8 ounce glasses (64 ounces) a day to stay hydrated.

In order to up your families fluid intake, try these tricks:

1. Pack a waterbottle - No matter where you or your family go, have a stock of reusable water bottles full and ready to sip. Staying hydrated may also prevent midday snacking.

2. Opt for Skinny Blend over sugary drinks - Yes, we know we said just drink water. But, if you are wokring out or int he sun you will need a little more than water. Pick Skinny Blend instead of traditional sports drinks. Did you know: Gatorade contains 13 grams of sugar per serving?! Skinny Blend on the other hand only contains 1g.

3. Limit coffee intake - THE HORROR!!! In the morning start with tea like our T.K.O. Detox Tea to give you a boost of energy. Have just 1-2 cups of coffee and then drink lots of water! If before or after lunch you are feeling drained have another cup but not until you drink a glass of water first ;-).

4. Opt for water at meals - Encourage your entire family to drink one 8 ounce glass at mealtime. You can also start a habit of drinking a cup of water every morning when everyone first wakes up.

5. Save soft drinks for special occasions - We understand that sometimes you just want a little carbonation or here the pop of a can but try and resist. Maybe you go out to dinner once a week - have a soft drink. Or you have a family game night - have a soft drink. Drop the daily habit and switch to water. 

How are you going to make sure you get enough water? Have you found you have lost weight from drinking more water?