Five Tips to Get You Moving for Weight Loss and More Energy!

Posted by Skinny Jane on 8th Feb 2017

Five Tips to Get You Moving for Weight Loss and More Energy!

Where are you right now? Sitting on your computer? Scanning your phone? Are you sedentary or are you moving? Did you know just getting up and moving every day will help you lose weight? Not only are you more likely to stay moving but regular exercise can also help you make better food choices and kick unhealthy habits! Today, we have Five TIps that will motivated you to get moving! 

1. Move Once an Hour - Whether you work in an office or at home make sure to move at least once an hour. Set a timer and just take a few laps around the living room or cubicle. Even if it is to use the rest room or get a drink - movement is movement and taking time to stretch can also help rejuvenate body and mind. 

2. Take Lunch to Go - Spring will soon be knocking on your door. Take advantage of lunch breaks and take a 20 minute walk. If you you work in a city, you could even walk to get lunch and walk back. Getting a walking group together is also a great way to get others motivated and hold yourself accountable.

3. Find a Motivational Quote - Having a weight loss and motivation quote posted on your refrigerator or computer is a great way to find daily motivation! Pick a quote that makes you feel empowered and look at it daily. It is also helpful to repeat this quote to yourself daily, especially when you are feeling defeated, for that extra boost of motivation! Check out our Pinterest board for tons of motivational quotes! 

4. Spread the Word - Too often we are afraid to share our goals because we fear failure. Instead of worrying about failure tell everyone your plans to increase your activity and lose weight! Right now, think of at least three people you can share your goal with. Tell them, "I am going to start walking 20 minutes a day". You may even be surprised by the amount of support they give you! 

5. Stop Scrolling - While we love that you are reading our weightloss blog and hope you finish this article; we also hope you get up and get moving afterwards. Whenever your are mindlessly scrolling social media remember, "if you are reading this, you could be exercising". A short but potent phrase. Try to only be online 15-20 minutes and if you can't remember what you just read on Facebook - get off and get moving! 

We hope you enjoyed these tips and begin applying them to your daily routine because...