How Long til a Fit Fork is a Thing?

Posted by Skinny Jane on 27th Jun 2016

What if I told you that losing weight by sitting down at a table and eating was possible? Sound too good to be true?

Okay, so you can't stuff your face and expect to get skinny. However, according to research counting the number of bites you take could effect your weight loss. 

The study was done in two phases to examine different dining situations. In the first phase researchers fitted some of the participants with a device that counts bites. The participants using the device ending up taking less bites, resulting in smaller caloric intake. In the second phase, participants were divided into two groups and given either a "small" or "large" bite goal. During this phase the group who had a smaller goal seemed to compensate by taking bigger bites, resulting in almost equal caloric intakes. 

Researchers note the key when counting bites is to work with your doctor or nutritionist to create an attainable goal. Goal setting can include practicing bite size, setting calorie restrictions, and developing healthy meals. This type of goal setting will keep your bite size and caloric intake in check. 

Would you use a bite counter?