Why Weight Loss Challenges Work!

Posted by Skinny Jane on 4th Jan 2017

Why Weight Loss Challenges Work!

Weight loss challenges can be very beneficial to your success. Whether you do a Skinny Jane Challenge or some other challenge with you friends, co-workers, or family, there are some real benefits. You can also add a little more fun or excitement to your daily routine by creating a small competition. How can you benefit - check out the reasons below! 

1. Motivation - A weight loss challenge will have an incentive to be the winner. Whether it be a cash prize or just the acknowledgement. Attach a prize to your goal or if it's a group, have everyone put the money into a pot and compete for it. With this motivation, you are bound to lose weight or inches within the contest time frame.

2. Accountability - Announce your goals! This is one of the first steps of the Skinny Jane challenges because it gives you accountability. Similarly a challenge, you have announced this goal to several people - so you better not skip that workout! 

3. Fast Results - Add up motivation and accountability and you get results! Since you are competing, you will see faster results than if you are not in a weight loss challenge. You have a certain time frame or weekly check-ins to reach your goal, pushing you to get the results you want.  

4. Confidence and Self Control - Knowing that you have a time-frame can better your self-control. In turn, this new found sense of control and your evolution results in confidence. Be proud of yourself and take this feeling with you and inspire, or challenge others!

We think the best challenges are the ones that give you all the tools you need to be successful. The Skinny Jane 28 Day & 8 Week Challenges not only give you the supplements you need to lose weight, but also a meal plan to help you change your life completely! Check out our challenges or leave us a note about your results in the comments below!