How to Have a Light and Cool Summer

Posted by Skinny Jane on 20th Jun 2016


Doesn’t it feel like we wait all year for this and then the heat hits us. As we begin to metaphorically melt, the last thing most of us want  is a hot and heavy meal. Instead we crave salads, fruit, and fun waters.

We scoured the web for the best Summer recipes to keep you cool while helping you feel energized. Then we broke down the day, showing you how to incorporate these recipes into your routine.

Start your day with a cold cup of the classic detox lemonade

Blueberries and Peaches are in season so why not have a parfait for breakfast?!

Head to the the local farmer’s market and pick up dill and cucumbers to make this cool and crunchy salad, the perfect light lunch. Pair it with Skinny Jane’s Walnut Chicken Salad recipe found in our Skinny Map.

Before heading to the pool mix up a Skinny Blend Shakeand pop it in the freezer for 15 minutes to create the perfect creamy slushie.

Once you get home and slather the aloe on, fire up the grill to make some steak roll-ups, chicken foil packs, grilled cauliflower ya know what… just grill everything!

End the night with a 30 minute family walk.

What are your favorite summer activities?